Steve studies Psychology and Symbolic Systems at Stanford University. Next year, he will pursue a PhD in Psychology at University of Cambridge as a Gates Cambridge Scholar.

He is a research assistant with Stanford’s Mind & Body Psychology Lab, a Teaching Fellow for Stanford’s Psych One Program, and is working on an honors thesis with Professor Alia Crum and Professor Carol Dweck on the influence of metaphor on thought.

He also writes about psychology. His article “The power of framing: it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it” recently appeared in the Guardian, and “Metaphors can change our opinions in ways we don’t even realize” appeared in Quartz. He is currently working on a popular science book about psychology. His fiction writing, such as “Signs” and “The Placebo Addict,” are inspired by his psychology research.

Steve  hopes to eventually become a Psychology professor and researcher who continues to write fiction and nonfiction works about psychology.